Joe Tantarelli

Joe’s commitment to family comes through during his presentations, with a deep rooted and sincere concern for the safety of session attendees, families and friends.

His down-to-earth training style is a direct result of his over 30 years of experience in every aspect of Heavy Equipment Construction, from laborer to operator, and then to manager. For more than a decade Joe has been a Training Specialist, training safety and production combined with hands on field work. Joe has assisted company Safety Directors with management and employee training in preparation for receiving Star Approval in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program.

Joe will share his compelling story of surviving a near fatal trench collapse accident. He shares how in hindsight, what he could have done to help him to prevent this life threatening accident. Joe has been a popular speaker at The Ohio B.W.C Safety Expo, Eastern Kentucky University, Army Corps of Engineers Construction Roundtable, Kentucky’s Governor’s Safety and Health Conference, Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services Safety Day, CGA, NSC, ASSP Conferences, numerous Safety Council Safety Expos and many Safety Day events for companies throughout Ohio and Kentucky.