Innes Fisher

Innes is the founder and Specialist – Utility Mapping at Utility Location Services, a New Zealand based professional utility mapping company.

A latecomer to the utility location space, Innes has not only built a successful business in New Zealand, but he is also playing a key role in moving the industry towards one recognised for professionalism and technical competency.

Innes likes to be first. He was the first New Zealander to hold a NULCA Australia Accreditation and the first Kiwi to be elected to the NULCA Australia Committee. He was also the first New Zealander be certified under the Australian Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) Certified Locator programme.

Innes is now the founding President of Nulca New Zealand. He consulted for the establishment of New Zealand’s beforeUDig Certified Locator programme, has published several articles on industry issues and speaks at regional and international damage prevention and utility location conferences.

Innes is passionate about utility location and damage prevention. He continues his dedication to improving the quality of the utility location industry in New Zealand through his involvement at a national level.

Innes has articles in the following magazines:
2019 Special Locate Issue

Horizontal Directional Drilling: Its Impact On Utility Location

There are storm clouds gathering for Utility Locators and Damage Prevention specialists and it comes with increasing use of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). HDD is a method of laying underground services that does not require a traditional open trench. As a method of installation, it is hugely beneficial because it addresses many problems associated with …

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