David Cist

Vice President of Technology, GSSI

David’s background in medical imaging has served him well in geophysics. The patient is larger, but the image processing is basically the same. After receiving a Bachelor’s (BSEE) degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University, David worked in medical imaging x-ray research for Siemens Medical both in the US and in Germany. Following his Master’s degree at MIT in medical image reconstruction, he fell in love with Geophysics and completed a PhD doing GPR research while working for GSSI. Starting with GSSI in 1996, David was hired to develop GPR equipment that was progressively more intuitive and easier to use. He played key roles in the teams that created the first arrayed utility mapping system with real-time wearable position tracking, the first high-speed deep scanning arrayed GPR for roads; and the first deep penetration Search and Rescue device using UWB technology to detect faint breathing through several meters of rubble. After 19 years doing algorithm development for GSSI, David was asked to become “Chief Geek” — to help the company explore ways to apply GPR to different industries. In 2017 David was asked to continue this process as VP of R&D and has been actively exploring new markets ever since.

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