Clifford Meis, P.E.

Project Engineer, Utility Mapping Services, Inc.

Clifford R. Meis, P.E., Project Engineer has industry experience managing complex subsurface utility engineering and geophysical survey operations in California, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Colorado and Montana. Cliff joined UMS in 2016 after working for Aera Energy in Bakersfield. Since joining UMS Cliff has been tasked with introducing new geophysical mapping technologies for hydrographic, pipeline, and utility mapping operations, including the multichannel ground penetrating radar, Spar 300 electromagnetic 3D pipe detector, and the NORBIT AS iWBMSc multi-beam sonar which facilitate better designs. Cliff is well versed in ASCE/CI 38-02 and promotes it as an engineering best practice to clearly communicate and proactively manage risk.

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