Bill Stephens

Manager, Codes & Standards, Black Hills Energy

Bill Stephens is currently the Compliance, Manager of Codes & Standards at Black Hills Energy and has been in the natural gas industry for over 32 years. Prior to the acquisition of SourceGas in Feb of 2016 Bill has held a variety of positions with Rockwell Gas Products Division, Equimeter, KN Energy, Kinder Morgan and SourceGas.
Bills experiences and management include many areas and disciplines. Some of these are Measurement, Integrity Management (TIMP, DIMP and SIMP), OQ, PHMSA Compliance, Public Awareness, Damage Prevention, Emergency Response, Welding, PE Fusion, Control Room Management, Engineering Construction and O&M Manuals, Share Point administration, LNG, Underground Storage and Project Management.
Bill currently serves as the Chair of the Black Hills Gas Engineering Standards Committee (GESC) and is the manager/administrator of the Public Awareness program. Bill was the co-lead of the start of the PA program at Kinder Morgan and managed the PA program for SourceGas.
Bill has an Education BS degree from the University of Rochester and has an Associate Degree in Computer Programing from ICM School of Business.
Bill was on the AGA rewrite committee for the revised Odorant Manual released in April 2017 and serves on these committees currently; AGA Gas Quality, AGA Peer Process, AGA PSMS Workgroup, API RP1162 Rewrite, MEA Codes & Standards, SGA Codes & Standards, DPAC, PAPA, POAS, DTSC, serves on the board of Colorado811, CGA Education and Marketing Committee and is a member of ASME.
Bill has presented papers, hands on training and roundtable discussions on a variety of compliance/engineering subjects at CGA, MEA, SGA, ISHM, AMST, AGA and various state pipeline safety seminars.

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