Planet Janet Column: Look Before You Dig — for Real

Planet Janet Column: Look Before You Dig — for Real

South Strand News

Two weeks before doing some serious digging in our front yard, we called 811, the coordinated utilities locator number. A few different local utility representatives came out and sprayed our yard to indicate where lines were buried underground. The weekend prior to the delivery of our three palm trees, we called 811 again — because we didn’t notice a marking from the local water and sewer company where we thought one ought to be. The representative checked our file and reported that the water company had indeed been out and not to worry, all was clear.

You know where this story is going.

Actually, planting day went just fine. Three Sabal Palms were delivered, installed and staked without incident. But we had had this unfortunate notion that we’d set one palm tree at a slight angle, as if it had occurred naturally, the way a postcard palm tree looks swaying on a windswept beach. The problem is, ours turned out to be way more of a leaner. Maybe it was because we leaned just one — perhaps we should have inclined all three of them. As it was, the overall effect was of two sober friends in the front yard propping up the loser who was clearly three sheets to the wind…(Read the full story)

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