Pipeline Safety Day Includes Mock Leak at Burton Coliseum

Pipeline Safety Day Includes Mock Leak at Burton Coliseum

Theresa Schmidt | KPLC 7 News

It’s painfully obvious how disastrous it can be when a pipeline is ruptured. That’s why there are safety experts that travel around the country demonstrating what can go wrong with the hope that those who dig will make sure things go right.

A mock pipeline leak, held at Burton Coliseum, shows how quickly things can go bad if those who dig don’t prepare properly.  They say call 811 before you dig so pipeline locators can make sure an excavator won’t bring on a disaster.

“You could get natural gas, you could get…propane, butane, ethane.  You could get gasoline or diesel fuel,maybe even sour crude oil or gas. There’s a wide array of products that can be released if you’re digging unsafely,” said Greg Kittle with Enertech…(Read the full story)



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