PG&E Admits to More Than 200 Damage Incidents That Could Have Started More Wildfires

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Post-blackout inspections showed 218 cases of busted equipment that could have made this autumn’s wildfires a lot worse.

Thanksgiving week is generally a rather slow news week, but not for the bankrupt and beleaguered PG&E. On Wednesday, a bankruptcy judge shot down PG&E’s request to lop billions of dollars off its liabilities in 2017 and 2018 wildfires, and the company’s stock continued to plummet. But there are separate court proceedings underway about the utility’s forced blackouts in both early October and late October. On that front, the Chronicle reports that in a Friday court filing, PG&E admitted they’d found 218 cases of damaged equipment that all could have caused additional sparks and wildfire risk…read more

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