Peoples Gas Reminds Homeowners to Call 811 Before Starting “DIY” Digging Projects

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Florida is several weeks into the coronavirus pandemic, and residents are adhering to state and county safer-at-home guidance. With more time on their hands, Floridians are spending time in their yards working on planting and other outdoor projects. And they need to remember to call 811 two business days before they start digging.

Throughout April, Sunshine 811, Peoples Gas and other utilities are promoting National Safe Digging Month. The campaign is designed to remind Florida’s residents of the network of wires, cables and pipelines located underground, and often closer to the surface than you might think. Striking one of these underground utility lines while digging could result in loss of natural gas, electric, water or communications and cable services, injure you or others, and potentially result in fines and repair costs…Read More

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