PASA and NACAA – Work Together to Educate America’s Farmers on Safe Digging Practices

The Pipeline Ag Safety Alliance (PASA) is dedicated to preventing damage to buried pipelines through education and improved
communication with our nation’s farmers and ranchers. PASA, through a dedicated group of pipeline companies, works with the National Association of County Agricultural (NACAA) agents to keep our farmers and our buried infrastructure safe.

PASA helped sponsor the National Association of County Agricultural Agents AM/PIC event in Salt Lake City, July 9-12, where ag agents gather each year to learn from each other and discuss
achievements and new technologies. During the event, PASA provided flash drives containing digital safety tools for ag agents to share with farmers and ranchers in their county.

This year, agent discussions included common myths, how to determine where certain pipelines are located, and stories about personal experiences (first- or second-hand) regarding a pipeline incident or a call to 811.

In the first year working with the NACAA, PASA talked about the 811 process. In year two, PASA talked about farming versus excavating. This year, PASA talked about using a pre-excavation
checklist and how to respond in an emergency situation.

NACAA is the perfect organization for PASA to continue to work with in the years to come in an effort to educate America’s farmers on safe digging practices. For more information on PASA or the NACAA event, visit or contact Whitney Price at


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