PA. Seeks $2.1M Fine in Fatal 2017 UGI Gas Explosion

PA. Seeks $2.1M Fine in Fatal 2017 UGI Gas Explosion

Andrew Maykuth | The Philadelphia Inquirer

State utility investigators on Thursday asked to impose a $2.1 million fine on UGI Utilities Inc. for alleged violations relating to a 2017 gas explosion in Lancaster County that leveled a house and killed a utility worker.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s Bureau of Investigation and EnforcementĀ filed a formal complaintĀ against the utility, saying it had failed to properly react to a hazardous condition when its workers responded to a reported gas leak at a house in Millersville on July 2, 2017.

Rather than shut off the gas main feeding the entire neighborhood, which would have required a laborious process of reinstating service to numerous customers, UGI instead sought to “squeeze off” the gas main feeding the residence with the leak, the PUC’s investigators said…(Read the full story)


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