Ottawa Gas Leak Forces Evacuation

Ottawa Citizen (May 2017) – A construction crew working along Ottawa’s $2.1 billion Confederation Line LTR system hit a gas line in early May, forcing the evacuation of at least five downtown buildings and creating a huge rush hour nightmare.

Ottowa Fire Services received a call for a “major gas leak” and evacuated a four block radius while Enbridge worked to shut off the affected gas line. Luckily, no injuries were reported. Enbridge had the gas line shut off about two and a half hours after the initial call. A city spokesman said the concentration of gas in the open air wasn’t considered high enough to be worried about an explosion.

The work that caused the gas leak was related to road renewal, part of a larger construction project by the Rideau Transit Group (RTG). An RTG spokesperson said the company believes it was an abandoned sub connected to a gas main that was hit.

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