OKIE811 Pilsner Beer Can-paign

AUGUST 11 WAS National 811 Day. To celebrate 811 and promote using 811 before digging, OKIE811 partnered with a local Oklahoma City brewery to produce a limited release craft pilsner beer. Thanks to this partnership, in addition to enjoying a great tasting beer, Oklahomans over 21 years old could enter the OKIE811 Pilsner Sweepstakes, sponsored by Energy Worldnet, for a chance to win $811!

Why beer? Here in Oklahoma, the craft beer industry is booming. Our state has gone from less than ten to over for forty breweries in five years. It doesn’t take long to see a trend in craft beer that consistently works is a limited release. Craft beer drinkers like to collect beer experiences and try many styles and varieties. We wanted to produce a beer that the noncraft beer drinker would find approachable, so we went with a pilsner style. Pilsner is a pale lager that is refreshing, palatecleansing, and thirst-quenching. Pilsners are usually lighter in color, ranging from light straw to golden.

We reached out to a local brewery about doing a contract brew for us. After negotiating pricing to cover ingredients, brewing, cans, labeling, and putting the cans into distribution, we used marketing dollars to cover this unique “can-paign.” We designed the label to both describe the beer and give the consumer the basics of why and how to put in a locate request before digging. We also placed a QR code on the label to take the consumer to our sweepstakes entry form and inspired the consumer with a backdrop of the downtown Oklahoma City skyline. An OKIE811 beer is the excavators reward for completing a digging project safely.

Our staff worked with the brewery on brew day and was involved in every step, from brewing to canning of the beer. We produced 100 cases (2,400 cans) that went into Oklahoma City metro area stores for sale at $8.11 per 4 pack. The experience culminated with a kickoff mixer happy hour event Our goal with this can-paign was to reach more people with awareness of 811 and contacting us before digging, and we feel we achieved that goal in a new and unique way.

M.G. Govia is an Education & Outreach Liaison at OKIE811. Learn more about safe digging in Oklahoma at Okie811.org.

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