Nulca to Rollout GPR Accreditation Process

In August of this year Nulca will introduce its new ground penetrating radar (GPR) accreditation process. This comes on the heels of the successful rollout of Nulca’s locator accreditation program for electromagnetic locating. The current program has seen over a dozen companies pursue accreditation for their programs with several more currently in process. All participants have concurred that the accreditation process has made their programs stronger.

Building on this success, and in response to member requests, Nulca set out to develop a Competence Standard for GPR along with a process by which members could have their training programs accredited. To accomplish this, the help of several industry professionals was enlisted, including both Nulca members and non-members. Matt Wolf,
Chief Technology Officer at GEL Geophysics, LLC volunteered to chair the committee and quickly assembled the group to start the process. The hard-working members of this committee are:

Because the original Competence Standard was so successful, the committee decided to use it as a starting point and to keep the format similar. It developed definitions that were specific to the use of ground penetrating radar and then divided the Standard into chapters. The new Standard consists of nine units, four of which are unique to GPR.
The remaining five are taken directly from the original Competence Standard. This means any company that has achieved accreditation will only have to complete the first four units to add GPR accreditation.

Unit 1 Basic GPR Theory
Unit 2 GPR Data Collection Parameters
Unit 3 Interpretation
Unit 4 Marking Procedures in the Field
Unit 5 Knowledge of Facilities
Unit 6 Visual Observation Skills
Unit 7 Safe Work Practices and Regulations
Unit 8 Excavator and Customer Relations
Unit 9 Locating Pipelines (US)

After completing the Standard, the committee developed a checklist to be used for self-assessment as well as for the review by Nulca’s independent third party contractor, NSF. The Standard, checklist and program will be available to members beginning August 1, 2017.

Nulca wishes to thank the committee for its excellent work in the development of this program. Committee members worked diligently to produce a quality program that will improve GPR locating for years to come. For more information about Nulca accreditation programs, go to www. or email

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