New Pipeline Safety and Awareness Effort Reaching School Officials Statewide in Texas

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the pipeline incident that took the life of 17 year-old Danielle Dawn Smalley and her friend Jason Stone. In filling their mission of pipeline safety, the Danielle Dawn Smalley Foundation, a Texas-based nonprofit, reaches schools across the country that are located near pipelines with safety
and emergency planning  education.

“Considering the vast amount of pipeline infrastructure and growing school populations in Texas, and an apparent lack of school pipeline safety awareness and resources, we identified an elevated need to reach ALL schools in Texas with pipeline safety. This new large-scale effort is a milestone for our organization, for Texas and for school afety,” said the Foundation’s Executive Director, Sheila Caguiat, MSW.


To fill this need, the Smalley Foundation is partnering with the Texas School Safety Center at the Texas State University to develop and provide pipeline safety and emergency planning resources and ongoing support to school officials across the state. This includes in-person presentations at regional safety workshops and state conferences, online toolkits, educational videos and other resources. To learn more about the Texas School Safety Center and to view the online resources and a list of up-coming training events, go online to:

Until now, pipelines and other underground infrastructure have not been in the forefront of school emergency planning alongside other safety focuses where they belong. Key messages in the new state-wide effort include:
• What pipeline markers look like and the information they provide
• Common pipeline product characteristics
• History of natural gas odorant
• Indications and hazards of a pipeline leak
• How to properly report and respond to a pipeline leak
• School-specific pipeline emergency planning
• Federal and state online pipeline mapping tools and resources

This first-of-its-kind effort brings pipeline safety to school officials in ways that are already being consumed for ongoing education. By designing online and in-person experiences focused around what school officials care about most, attitudes are formed and behaviors are influenced that carry into their everyday role of student safety.

Pipeline operators, utility companies and others with an interest in pipeline safety and damage prevention can learn more and join the Danielle Dawn Smalley Foundation in this commemorative effort by visiting or emailing

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