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The last few months have been increasingly difficult for everyone worldwide as we work together to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. After safety concerns in California escalated to the point where we felt the safety of our attendees could be in jeopardy, Infrastructure Resources made the difficult decision to cancel our 2020 event. We most sincerely extend our appreciation to our partners in damage prevention who have extended their patience and and are working with us as we find our way through this unprecedented situation.

We will continue to do what we can to mitigate the effect of this cancellation on both our attendees and our exhibitors, but feel the most appropriate course of action for us is to look forward to our 2021 event in Tampa and how we can bring additional value to that experience for you.

One of the enhancements we are building is the first ever Global GPR Congress, a joint venture between Bigman Geophysical and Infrastructure Resources.

This one and a half day event is scheduled to begin Monday, March 22 and carry through Tuesday, March 23, leading up to the opening of the Global Excavation Safety Conference (Global ESC). Participants who choose to add the Congress to their Conference registration will find four full days of education available to them as the Global ESC will have additional training topics to add to the basic Congress.

While topics related to GPR are frequently addressed at industry specific events, there has never been a place where all GPR users can go to learn from each other. Bringing users together from a variety of industries and applications gives participants a pathway for accelerated learning opportunities and provide a forum for discussion on user-critical topics. As Bigman states, “Difficulties that occurred and have been overcome in one industry can be shared and applied with technicians and professionals working in other industries. There is much crossover in reasons for failure and success across disciplines, but too often professionals working in different spaces do not have meaningful conversations with each other – or even know that each other exist.”

A Global GPR event focused on bringing together new and experienced users from both the academic and private sector greatly benefits the industry by providing a forum for open discussion and continuous learning through shared ideas and experience.

We invite subject matter experts on any of these applications or issues to submit an abstract for consideration for the Global GPR Congress at


• Pipe/Utility Detection and Cable Avoidance

• Concrete Inspection

• Bridge & Pavement Assessments

• Archaeology & Forensics

• Locating Voids

• Environmental Consulting

• Soil Contamination Mapping

• Locating USTs

• Ground Water Studies

• Geology & Mining

• Advances in Data Processing

• Large Scale Multichannel Investigations

• Multi Sensor Inspection Programs


• How many applications should GPR professionals service?

• Comparing issues between GPR work for utility detection and concrete inspection

• How much information should be given to a client?

• What are appropriate deliverables for clients after GPR work?

• When should data post-processing be conducted?

• What is acceptable terminology to use with customers?

• Should the industry move towards a shared vocabulary?

• How much training should be required for a new user/technician?

• How will application specific certifications impact the industry?

• New trends in GPR technology

• Should there be a standardized set of best practices?

• How useful are the ASTM standards for GPR work?

• What would universal GPR certification look like?

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