New California law adds ‘call before you dig’ options

New California law adds ‘call before you dig’ options

Karen Norene Mills | AgAlert

hroughout California, farmers and ranchers often serve as guardians for important utility infrastructure—both above and below ground. The presence of overhead power lines or underground pipelines imposes obligations on farmers and ranchers—and can bring dangers, too.

Although the number of incidents of contact with lines or pipelines are few, the effects are significant when they do occur. Estimates are that farming and ranching activities cause fewer than 1 percent of impacts.

You’ve likely seen advertisements in Ag Alert® and elsewhere, urging you to “Call Before You Dig,” but you may be surprised by the rules and conditions behind the requirement to call 811. Changes to the laws governing the mandates about calling will affect agricultural operations when those changes begin in 2020…(Read the full story)

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