Nevada Regional Common Ground Alliance

The Nevada Regional Common Ground Alliance (NRCGA) provides an effective local forum to discuss best practices in damage prevention in the state of Nevada. Their efforts help eliminate damages to underground facilities, interruption to vital services, safety risks, accidents, and fatalities.

Networking with state regulators, USA North 811 representatives, utility representatives, and other industry experts, they acknowledge and reward members for their dedication to safe excavation.

One way they applaud members for safe digging practices is through one of their top honors, the Silver Shovel Award. Handed out for over a decade, companies were awarded the Silver Shovel based on peer nominations. In recent years, the program has been revamped so the prestigious award is given based on merit, with the key components being a high level of exposure based on the number of dig tickets called in to 811 by the excavator and no at-fault damages to underground utilities. Both requirements are evaluated for the previous 12 months. USA North provides a list of contractors with 50 tickets or more from the previous year. That list is sent to members to begin the vetting process. The top four contractors with the highest volume are invited to meet with Board Members/Directors of NRCGA. Interviews are conducted with each candidate answering the same questions. A point system has been established to determine the winner, who is announced at the annual Excavation Appreciation Awards Dinner every November.

The Awards Dinner is a chance for all to win high-end prizes while mingling with partner organizations including USA North, Nevada PUC, the previous year’s Silver Shovel winner, and vendors. The coveted award is bestowed by a representative of NUCA. TAB Contractors took home the Silver Shovel in 2018, which landed them in Tampa at the 2019 CGA 811 Excavation Safety Conference & Expo. Prizes for the winner include: a custom Silver Shovel, a plaque, a Certificate of Appreciation from Governor Sisolak, and a complimentary trip for one to the upcoming CGA 811 Excavation Safety Conference & Expo including flight, hotel, and expense money.

TAB Contractors and its affiliates have completed complex construction projects for more than 59 years as a preferred underground wet utilities and heavy civil contractor. A local, family-owned company, TAB is honored to have received the 2018 Silver Shovel Award. Under the direction of John Fornfeist, Construction Manager, who joined the New-Com family in 2015, they are looking forward to maintaining their safety excellence for years to come. “Safety is a full-time commitment requiring each employee to be responsible for themselves and their fellow workers, which is why we are proud of our safety record and will work towards our goal of zero work-related incidents,” Fornfeist said.

Also at the Awards Dinner, Frehner Masonry took home the NRCGA’s Outstanding Performance Award for their strides in damage prevention.

Dennis Bott is the Vice Chair of the NRCGA and can be reached at

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