National Grid Workers Needed Back on the Job

National Grid Workers Needed Back on the Job

The Eagle Tribune

Driving around the Merrimack Valley these days, it seems like every gas worker in America has showed up to dig in our streets. Getting the kids to school, heading to work or just dropping by the convenience store involves slowing, stopping and then weaving around excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, flatbeds, gas trucks, orange cones, metal plates and police details.

Never mind the dreaded “Road Closed” signs.

Despite all outward appearances, not every gas worker has steady work. Some 1,250 National Grid employees are still locked out amid a protracted contract dispute between the utility and two of its unions. No matter how it got to this point, it’s a dispute the company should resolve posthaste.

These things may not be directly related. The high-pressure gas that burst in homes and businesses in the Merrimack Valley on the afternoon of Sept. 13, causing a wave of fires and explosions, came through Columbia Gas lines. It’s Columbia Gas customers who must contend with an extended natural gas outage. Crews working for Columbia Gas are the ones digging up the streets today…(Read the full story)

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