Mumbai: This ‘Plastic’ Will Save Pipes, Not Clog Them

Mumbai: This ‘Plastic’ Will Save Pipes, Not Clog Them

Laxman Singh |

For the first time, ‘plastic’ could be the answer to Mumbai’s problems. The BMC has identified nine spots across the city where the main water pipelines experience chronic leakage despite repeated repairs. Instead of digging up the entire city yet again in search of the pesky leaks, the civic authorities have now decided to employ a trenchless technique and plug the holes with a polymeric material.

The BMC blames plastic – just another term for polymers – for clogging drainpipes and causing waterlogging and potholes in the city. Now, the civic body intends to use a polymer called epoxy to resolve the same problems. Thanks to this material’s moldable nature, the authorities will no longer have to dig trenches that run kilometres-long to repair the damaged pipelines (see ‘How the trenchless technique works’). Not only will trenchless repairs cut the repair time by half – two weeks or less – but using epoxy to line the pipes will increase their life by 40 years. Officials have found fissures in 12 water mains that are decades old and have corroded with time and use. These leaks are spread across nine sites – three in the island city, four in the western suburbs and two in east…(Read the full story)

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