Mississippi 811 Presents Damage Prevention Champion Award

Mississippi 811 Magazine honored 15-year damage prevention veteran Marty Turner as its Damage Prevention Champion. Turner is the manager of damage prevention for the entire five-state network of C Spire.

C Spire is headquartered in Mississippi but also operates in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Tennessee. Marty manages both the internal and external locate requests for the entire network and also keeps a close eye on contractors working near C Spire’s facilities. He helps with troubleshooting and repair of faulty locates and trains his locators on how to correct common issues with lines that won’t locate, even providing the equipment and materials to repair grounding and bonding to make sure all lines are locatable by electronic means.

Marty is a huge champion of Mississippi 811. He works closely with the One Call center for locates, but also helps to educate locators, contractors, and even other utility/operators to get the most out of their experience.

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