MICHELS CANADA Completes Canada’s Longest HDD Installation

Michels Canada used horizontal directional drilling (HDD) to complete a 3,540 meter crossing in Burlington, Ontario, under the Hidden Lake Golf Club. The installation is part of Imperial’s Waterdown to Finch Project, a proactive replacement of approximately 63 km of the Sarnia Products Pipeline.

The Hidden Lake HDD is the longest successful HDD installation in Canada to date, surpassing the previous record of 2,195 meters.

“The completion of record-length trenchless projects like this one demonstrates our capabilities for safe, environmentally sound ways of constructing new or replacing existing utility lines,” said Gary Ziehr, Vice President, Energy, Michels Canada. “When HDD and other trenchless methods are used to complement traditional open cut utility methods, we are able to support our clients in safely delivering needed energy supplies to their customers.”

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