Marking System Prioritisation Tool

POST VISIBILITY: 360° visibility ensures post is seen by excavators and ROW maintenance equipment operators.

MESSAGE VISIBILITY: Not just the marker, but the warning message must have 360° visibility.

SAFE: Does not present a potential hazard for people or wildlife using the ROW, minimising liability risk.

DURABILITY: Performs in temperatures ranging from -40° to +150°F for a minimum of 10 years.

FADE RESISTANT: Message remains legible and post does not fade significantly for a minimum of 10 years.

FRONT/REAR IMPACTS: Post and message are able to withstand vehicle impact front and back.

SIDE IMPACTS: Post and message are able to withstand vehicle side impact.

CATTLE/WILDLIFE RESISTANT: Ability to withstand contact with animals.

GREEN: Post is recyclable and made from environmentally stable components.

MAINTENANCE: Post is easy to keep current and legible.

CONVERTIBLE: Messaging easily updated with new names and emergency contact numbers.

EASE OF INSTALLATION: Easy to install in any type of soil.

VERSATILE: Ability to include terminals, color code to identify different facilities or extend height up to 12 feet.

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