LWDP – Leading Women of Damage Prevention

Who are the Leading Women of Damage Prevention (LWDP)? This newly formed organization, in association with the DPC of Texas, is a social enterprise designed for the advancement and discovery of leadership for all women who have an interest in the protection of underground infrastructure. We come from all aspects of the industry: oil and gas, One Call construction, utilities, pipeline, municipal and county, engineering, line locating, and many other related fields, all with some tie to utility and pipeline damage prevention.

Much of my career has been in construction, an industry where women comprise a mere 10% of the workforce. My many years as Safety Director serving a male-dominated workforce provided my vision for creating the LWDP. As I pivoted from building infrastructure to protecting infrastructure, my life experience has taught me many things.

My top three industry life lessons are:

1)You must learn the business in which you are working.

2)Don’t self-reject. Yes, apply for the job. Yes, write the article and submit it. Yes, speak up with your ideas at the meeting.

3)Invest in You. The more you invest in your education, your support system, your learning, and your hands-on experience, the better equipped you will be to take on a formal or informal leadership role.

Women working in a male-dominated industry need the tools, networking, and mentorship to help us excel. The LWDP invites you to join us as we work towards our mission “to influence and encourage all women in the damage prevention industry to be bold, confident and brilliant through collaboration, empowerment and networking.”

When asked, “What tip would you give to our leading women?” Shakheana Fields, LWDP Vice President, said, “I recently heard in a webinar, after a woman gets past the glass ceiling, she’s standing on glass. We all know the feeling within that analogy. Let’s make it a point to lay the cement for the future ladies in damage prevention.”

Be Bold. Be Confident. Be Brilliant. Together. Our Purpose:

• Provide educational and development opportunities for women who seek to advance as leaders.

• Optimize engagement with leading innovators and subject matter leaders in this industry.

• Facilitate discussions of leader competencies and best practices, led by experts in the field.

• Create a supportive environment.

The LWDP Board of Directors held their official launch webinar on April 29. To learn more, check out the website at dpcoftexas.org.

For questions regarding the launch webinar, organizational membership, sponsorship and/or comments, visit dpcoftexas.org or reach out directly to KethaMolina@Texas811.org.