LSAW: Confined Spaces

Locator Safety & Appreciation Week (LSAW) is a celebration of utility locators’ hard work and an acknowledgment of the hazards they face every day in the field. Locators play crucial and often underappreciated roles in protecting the public and our underground infrastructure. Take some time this week to thank a locator in your life! We’ll be sharing locator safety content throughout the week to spread awareness of the difficult work they perform. Learn more about LSAW and how to participate at

Locator Safety Hazard: Confined Spaces


A “confined space” is any area not designed for long-term human occupancy, but large enough for workers to enter and perform certain jobs. Confined spaces generally have restricted means of entry and exit, making them particularly dangerous. Locators most common exposure to confined spaces are manholes. Manholes can be filled with noxious gasses that put health at risk. Proper Training and gas level monitoring mitigate these risks. We encourage you to learn more about confined space procedures at:


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