Locator Safety Awareness Week Is Just Around The Corner!

LOCATOR SAFETY Awareness Week (LSAW), established in 2014 by Infrastructure Resources and endorsed by Nulca, was developed to honor and recognize the important work performed by utility locating professionals. Now in its 6th year, LSAW takes place April 22-28, 2019, during the final week of National Safe Digging Month. LSAW gives the damage prevention community a perfect opportunity to not only promote awareness of the hazards utility locators frequently face, but also to acknowledge utility locators for the invaluable work they perform in protecting our underground infrastructure and those who rely on it every single day.

Leading up to and during LSAW, we encourage you to visit LocatorSafety.com and check out our selection of FREE promotional tools for you to use.

Spread the #LSAW message by utilizing our social media toolkit across all your various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn). Our downloadable web buttons are perfect for use in your eNewsletters or on your website.

We also offer FREE safety awareness cards which make wonderful handouts for your entire crew. The 11×17 poster, reinforcing the “Top 10 Locator Safety Hazards,” is available for download and is a perfect addition to the office or break room. LSAW might only occur once a year, but our utility locators are out there, rain or shine, all year long.

Nulca, a driving force behind the development of LSAW, encourages its member companies to have daily safety talks with their locators and to designate one of the days during LSAW as “Locator Appreciation Day,” thanking them for a job well done. LSAW is just as much about expressing our gratitude as it is about spreading safety awareness.

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