Learning YOUR Way: Infrastructure Resources (IR) offers Educational Opportunities through a Variety of Formats

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“Most people learn through a variety of stimuli ”

Most of us recognize that people learn in different ways. The VARK model places learning into four primary categories: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. Auditory learners remember information best in a lecture format, while kinesthetic learners learn best through hands-on activity. Visual learners are those most likely to visit YouTube to learn from a video. Of course, not everyone falls clearly into one of the categories. Most people learn through a variety of stimuli. Further complicating matters is the sheer volume of educational opportunities available.

For people who learn best through reading/ writing, Infrastructure Resources’ (IR) *dp-PRO* and *Excavation Safety Guide* are excellent industry publications that provide a broad range of education and information to all industry stake-holders. These publications also provide a valuable outlet for subject matter experts within the industry to share their knowledge and ensure their message is heard.

“IR looks to our clients to provide feedback that makes us better at providing the tools and education you need. ”

As the owners and producers of the Excavation Safety Conference, IR believes education through live events is motivational. Sharing the classroom experience with peers allows for a free exchange of ideas and exposure to new ideas that can be transformational. Workshops provide an exceptional opportunity for kinesthetic learners to gain hand-on experience that reinforces how they learn best.

At IR, our mission is “Saving Lives through Education”, and knowing that people learn in different ways has motivated us to turn our energies towards developing affordable digital training. Live events are not always practical, especially when you are looking to educate or train a large staff. Further, people in different roles require different education.

With over 500 courses in a wide variety of topics, our new dp-PRO e-LEARNING portal dp-pro.com/education offers opportunities for everyone to gain the knowledge and training they need to move their careers forward. Most courses are self-paced, so learners can move at their own pace, place and convenience. Certificates are provided upon meeting certain certification requirements and some courses carry CEU credits.

With classes ranging from Defensive Driving to Arc Flash Hazard Awareness to Confined Space Hazards to Conflict Resolution, our training portal offers damage prevention training and much, much more. Courses are affordably priced (some are even free) and with the Subscriber Special offered on page 37, you can save 25% more.

As always, IR looks to our clients to provide feedback that makes us better at providing the tools and education you need. Check out our new e-Learning portal and let us know what you think!

Infrastructure Resources Initiative

IR is dedicated to helping the industry save lives through education. Look for this icon identifying articles on programs and initiatives created by IR to help us meet this goal.


To provide feedback or learn more, contact Sundar@emailir.com.

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