Introducing the Excavation Safety Alliance – a new membership program for the excavation industry


Excavation Safety Alliance

It is with great excitement that Infrastructure Resources (IR) announces the launch of Excavation Safety Alliance (ESA), a new membership program for the excavation industry.

If there was one positive to pull from an otherwise difficult year, it is that 2020 forced us to pause and think deeply about who IR is as a company. How are our many initiatives serving the industry? Are we living up to our own standards? How can we better help industry stakeholders?

We have a core value at IR, and we consider it in every decision we make, especially the difficult ones: Saving Lives through Education.

This simple phrase has been incredibly powerful in re-centering everything that we do. 2020 challenged our ability to execute our educational initiatives due to live conference cancellations, and it challenged us personally to find new, innovative ways to fulfill that core value. From this challenge sprang the idea for Excavation Safety Alliance, an entirely new format for consuming and participating in excavation education.

How ESA Works

Excavation Safety Alliance is a tier-based membership program, where different levels and types of content are made available based on membership tiers. ESA members are granted access to a treasure trove of excavation content, become a part of the ESA Community forum, and receive exclusive discounts. New content is added continuously, so there is new content to view regularly.

Becoming an ESA member is as easy as visiting The platform is inclusive to everyone in the industry. The entry level membership, Essential, is completely free, but the Standard Tier membership is now available with a FREE 14- day trial.

Content and the Value

There is a full year of new content in development for ESA, and here is what you can expect right out of the gate.

Live Town Halls – Join leaders in the industry as they brainstorm solutions for a rotating list of hot topics.

On-Demand Conference Sessions – Miss a conference or session, or just want to rewatch a session you loved? Find recorded sessions from Infrastructure Resources live and virtual conferences on ESA.

Interviews with Industry Leaders – We pick the brains of leaders on the cutting edge of their fields and give them the opportunity to share their work with members.

ESA Community – The ESA community forum is the central hub for industry collaboration, and it is available exclusively to ESA members. Lend your voice to topics in your area of expertise, find job listings, and network on ESA Community.

ESA Podcast – Free for members and non-members alike, the ESA podcast helps you bring excavation content with you on-the-go.

Video Content from Around the Industry – We’ve scoured the internet for the video content being produced by excavation safety educators and curated it for ESA members.

Discounts – An ESA membership goes beyond the confines of the website experience. Members, depending on membership tier, are granted discounts on industry events and publications.

We are proud of the content available on ESA, and excited about the future of the platform. New content is scheduled for release throughout the year, and ESA members will continue to add value to the site.

The End Goal: A Community Driven Platform

Progress in excavation safety has always come from collaboration — Individuals, organizations, committees, and companies sharing ideas that drive meaningful change. We are incredibly proud of our live and virtual conferences, but the secret to their success has never been our organization or planning. The speakers, attendees, and panel members that bring their unique ideas and personal experiences to these incredible industry events create the value. The same is true for ESA.

Becoming an ESA member means joining a community of like-mined professionals dedicated to the continued safety of the infrastructure we all rely on. ESA members inspire the content on the site, and their behaviors, their needs, and their input shape the future of the platform.

Try it for FREE with a Standard Trial

The first 14 days of a Standard ESA membership are on us. Visit to claim a 14-day trial of the Standard Tier ESA membership. After the first 14 days, a Standard Membership is only $20/month, with discounts for annual membership.

We look forward to seeing you and your ideas at For more information, contact Whitney at


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