Internet Outage Stretches into Day 2

Internet Outage Stretches into Day 2

Mark Noack | Mountain View Voice

If the internet is the lifeblood of Mountain View, then the city is in bad shape.

Much of Mountain View is facing the second day of a citywide internet outage affecting Comcast customers. The outage, which started on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 9, is reportedly impacting more than 13,000 households and businesses throughout the city, and it has disrupted the full suite of Comcast services, including internet, cable TV, and some cellphone lines.

The outage was caused by a traffic accident on Sunday afternoon in Mountain View’s Sylvan Park neighborhood. A vehicle crashed into a utility pole between Highway 85 and Moorpark Way, bringing it down along with several spans of wire.

The crash caused a power outage for about 50 households. As of 6 a.m. this morning, PG&E said they had restored power…(Read the full story)

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