Internet Connectivity: As Essential as Water & Roads?

Internet Connectivity: As Essential as Water & Roads?

Eric Howald | Keizertimes

More than 2,300 years before the common era, the people of the Indus Valley Civilization (now modern-day eastern portion of Pakistan) constructed the first public water, sewer, and road systems.

Later civilizations perfected techniques, but the residents and leaders of that area had to answer a fundamental question: what is essential to modern civilization?

“None of us were here when the sewer system was put in, when electric lines were installed. At some point, someone had to decide that it was essential infrastructure,” said Jeff Christensen, president of EntryPoint Networks and a consultant to the city of Ammon, Idaho, where a grassroots effort has paved the way for the city taking on internet connectivity as an infrastructure project…(Read the full story)

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