Industry News – Summer 2018

Alabama Damage Prevention Summit

The Alabama Damage Prevention Summit, scheduled for September 25-27, 2018 at the Embassy Suites in Montgomery, is designed to bring all stakeholders together to discuss issues within their own locations. This year’s event includes a golf tournament and Locate Rodeo.

The Summit is a unique event for industry professionals looking for better ways to work together. Stakeholders typically represented include local elected officials, regulatory personnel, One Call staff, excavators, locators and utility owner/operators. The utilities generally represented at the Summit include gas, electric, phone, cable TV and water/wastewater.

Networking opportunities are available through workshops, training sessions, live demos and an informative exhibit hall. The Summit is the place to network with experts who have a common commitment to protect underground facilities while keeping your community a safer place to live and work.

The Alabama Damage Prevention Summit—a place for connecting! Register now:


The 10th Annual Pipeline & Energy Expo brought together industry leaders from the Gas & Oil industry while focusing on developing the next generation. Many times throughout the expo, it was mentioned that Tulsa once held the coveted title of “Gas & Oil Capital of the World” and it was evident the passion to ensure the industry stays strong for the next generation remains. The University of Tulsa offers a Masters of Energy Business program focusing on providing individuals the skills to run and manage an energy company. During their Student and Young Professionals Networking Session, Colby DeWeese, Facility Engineer with MarkWest Energy was paired with Ed Wiegele, President (Oil & Gas Sector) with TRC Solutions. Colby shared his perspective as a recent graduate and now project engineer while Ed shared his veteran perspective. Walking the exhibit floor, exhibitors ranged from engineering and consulting companies, service providers, business solution experts, construction, maintenance, and, of course, schools. The commitment of the Pipeline & Energy Expo to the industry while discovering emerging talent was refreshing.


Los Angeles, CA – In recognition of National Safe Digging Month (NSDM), Southern California Gas Company (SoCal- Gas) and Anaheim Fire & Rescue officials raised a 30-foot-tall shovel at Angels Stadium of Anaheim to promote safe digging practices. Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Jose Moreno and Angels Baseball Chairman Dennis Kuhl joined first responders at the event to help raise awareness about the importance of calling 811 prior to starting any excavation project.

Across SoCalGas’ service territory, about 60% of pipeline damage due to digging is caused by homeowners, contractors and excavators who fail to call 811 before digging. “Last year, SoCalGas recorded close to 3,000 cases of damage to underground infrastructure caused by customers who did not call 811 prior to digging,” said Rodger Schwecke, SoCalGas senior vice president of gas transmission, storage and engineering. “Data shows that when customers call 811 before digging, the likelihood of hitting a utility line is decreased by 99 percent.”

Throughout the month of April, SoCalGas partnered with Angels Baseball to remind fans to contact 811 before digging. In addition to the giant shovel, the partnership included radio spots and in-stadium marketing that included digital signs and video.

Storm Causes Sewer Pipe Break

Hampton, NH – A March nor’easter storm is being blamed for a sewer pipe break, according to Hampton Beach public works officials. Beach sand was found around the opening of marsh-top vegetation, where raw effluent was found bubbling from the underwater. Officials say the sand was likely drawn into the pipe as a result of flood water during the March 2nd storm and could have caused corrosion in the pipe.

The pipe was shut down after the leak was discovered. It is one of two pipes that run from the Church Street pump station to the wastewater treatment plant. Public works officials indicated a temporary fix of the pipe cost about $100,000, with plans calling for the pipe to be replaced in the near future. Voters rejected a $4.2 million proposal to replace the pipes in 2017 after selectmen argued it was a priority to do so.

Shreveport Using Trenchless Technology to Fix Sewer System

Shreveport, LA – The city of Shreveport is becoming one of the largest users of trenchless technology in the country as it continues the work started back in 2014 to repair aging, crumbling water and sewer lines.

According to Fredrick Mac-Aurele, senior project manager for CDM Smith, a consultant for the city of Shreveport, trenchless technology is being used to repair the lines because it causes little, if any, disruption. “If we had to open cut a line between two manholes, the trees would be threatened. We would be tearing up all the surface improvements and that would be expensive to restore. It would also be time-consuming,” Marc-Aurele said. “We can do a 500-foot section of trenchless technology in a matter of hours, where that same 500 feet could take an open cut contractor a week to do, not including all the restoration.”

Another benefit of using trenchless technology, according to Barbara Featherston, director of the Department of Water and Sewerage, is cost savings. “For a project like this, trenchless technology costs around $80 to $100 a foot verses upwards of $200 or more for open cut. We are looking to save at least $100 million using trenchless technology during this phase of the project alone.”


May 28-June 2: JJ Harrison at Fort Smith, AR

June 3-6: Safety 2018 – ASSE (San Antonio, TX)

June 4-6: Fiber Broadband Association (Nashville, TN)

June 6-9: JJ Harrison at Gladewater, TX

June 11-13: Telecommunications Association of the SE Summer Symposium (Pensacola Beach, FL)

June 11-14: AWWA Annual Conference & Expo (Las Vegas, NV)

June 14-16: JJ Harrison at Bellevue, IA

June 21-23: JJ Harrison at Granite Falls, MN

June 25-29: 27th World Gas Conference (Washington, DC)

June 26-28: HydroVision International (Charlotte, NC)

June 26-29: AGA Operations Conference (Washington, DC)

June 30-July 4: JJ Harrison at Cody, WY

July 12-14: JJ Harrison at Gunnison, CO

July 12-15: NUCA of Florida Annual Conference (Key Largo, FL)

July 19-24: JJ Harrison at Ogden, UT

July 22-25: APGA Annual Conference (Portland, OR)

July 25-28: JJ Harrison at Deadwood, SD

July 29-31: NACAA Conference (Chattanooga, TN)

August 2-5: JJ Harrison at Phillipsburg, KS

August 6-8: Florida Rural Water Association (Daytona Beach, FL)

August 8-11: JJ Harrison at Herniston, OR

August 14-16: ISE Expo (Denver, CO)

August 14-16: MEA Gas Operations Technical & Leadership Summit (Rochester, MN)

August 14-18: JJ Harrison at Canby, OR

August 20-23: Oceania Damage Prevention Conference (Gold Coast, QLD)

August 23-25: JJ Harrison at Altus, OK

August 31-September 2: JJ Harrison at Palestine, IL

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