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Roanoke’s New Combined 811 and 911 Center Opens

(WDBJ, Roanoke) – A new combined 811 and 911, 31,000-square-foot facility was opened in August in Roanoke, Virginia. The $16 million facility will provide a combined space and a partnership the city hasn’t seen before: two safety driven services together as one.

The call center floor has police, fire dispatchers, and 811 representatives. “Whenever I would do an orientation for new hires, I would talk about the safety sensitivity of what we do in this organization, how we are no different than a 911 center,” said Rick Pevarski, the founding president and CEO of Roanoke’s 811 center.

Work inside the facility for 811 employees commenced at the beginning of 2020 but was stopped due to COVID. Features for both 911 and 811 employees will include an open workspace, conference spaces, new technology and a shared gym.

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