Increased Road Safety and Work Zone Awareness Inspire Hanschke

Increased Road Safety and Work Zone Awareness Inspire Hanschke

Peter Caulfield | Journal of Commerce

Sarina Hanschke did not set out to become an advocate for roadside workers facing uniquely hazardous working conditions. Her original career plan was to be a teacher.

But even the best ideas sometimes change in life and today Hanschke is the president and CEO of Vanguard Road Safety Network, an organization she founded earlier in 2018.

Based in Surrey, B.C., with associates in Canada and the U.S., Vanguard’s goal is to combine training, education and advocacy to protect roadside workers from injury or death.

“We want to be at the forefront of development and change for roadside workers, and to raise the profile of roadside safety with labour, government and industry,” said Hanschke. “Our goal is to increase situational awareness (also called visual intelligence) of roadside workers and improve site safety and productivity through better communication and pre-planning…”(Read the full story)

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