I Became an 811 Mudder

For those readers who haven’t heard of Tough Mudder, it is an obstacle course designed to test your endurance and strength. With the help of fellow Mudders, you overcome obstacles and adrenaline- packed challenges. With no place winners or clocks to race against, Tough Mudder isn’t about how fast you can cross the finish line; it’s about pushing yourself. It’s about team-work, camaraderie, and accomplishing something extraordinary.

Doing something adventurous like Tough Mudder has always been on my personal “bucket list,” so I barely waited for my colleague to finish his invitation to participate before I jumped on board! The preparation for the event was adventurous all by itself! We formed a team,
registered on the Tough Mudder website (toughmudder.com), designed our own t-shirts, collected intelligence on the obstacle courses from videos and previous attendees, planned the commute and even hit the gym in preparation. The daredevil in me felt like I had maybe
bitten off more than I could chew, but my teammates encouraged me and supported me throughout the challenge.

One of the best parts is, we helped spread the 811 message with our cool new t-shirts. It was an exciting outreach opportunity and we utilized it to the fullest extent. Connecting with an enthusiastic community was exciting! We came across many people who were interested in learning more about 811 and we happily dug into details for them. Tough Mudder was a great way for us to spread awareness and open the door for further discussions.

Reaching the finish line successfully was a great achievement for me and I gained so much confidence that I continued my journey of having fun and spreading the 811 message by participating in the 5K 811 Run!

I look forward to many such adventures in the future, knowing that it not only encourages a healthy lifestyle, but it also builds teamwork and offers a platform for 811 public awareness. I became an 811 Mudder and look forward to creating a community and not just a team formed for one event. Feel free to contact me at sundar@emailir.com if you would like to join our
movement to make a difference!

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