Hundreds of People Spend Weekend without Water at Vancouver’s Langara Gardens Complex

Hundreds of People Spend Weekend without Water at Vancouver’s Langara Gardens Complex

Alex Migdal | CBC News

When Pooyan Kheirkakh turned on the tap in his South Vancouver apartment Friday, all that came out was a whoosh of air.

A similar scene played out that day for hundreds of residents at Langara Gardens, where a broken water main beneath the aging complex left residents, including the elderly and families with children, without running water over the weekend.

It was the second time in more than two years that the complex, spread out among four 18-storey highrise apartments at West 57th Avenue and Cambie Street, has suffered a water main break.

The property management spent Saturday tracing the broken pipe under one of the towers with a camera, and excavating the area.

By Sunday, the City of Vancouver confirmed it provided a temporary water supply via a fire hydrant and the building’s contractors completed repairs to restore water to the rest of the building…(Read the full story)

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