ASK THE DP PRO | How Do You Conduct Effective Cross Bore Locates?

Jason Walborn, Director of Business Development, PRO-PIPE



“I’m Jason Walborn and I’m with Pro Pipe, and I’ve been advancing Pro Pipe’s cross bore program for the last 7 years. The three best things that I can offer are:

1. GPS your findings in the field when you’re doing your cross bore locates.
2. Integrate the data spatially into a map.
3. Maintain a good record of your findings.

Providing a good record of your cross bore documentation from a pre and post inspection perspective, provides a sufficient record that will pass audit and improve public safety. We know cross bores can blow houses up. They know there are risks to the public, and if we conduct, using best practices, our pre and post inspections properly and we maintain the record set, then we can prove that we did our job to protect the public.”

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