ASK THE DP PRO | How Can Technology Improve Data Collection & Asset Management?

Teresa Chavez, Director of Sales & Marketing, CartoPac International



“Hello, my name is Theresa Chavez. I’m with CartoPac International. I’ve been in the technology industry for over 20 years and my focus is on being able to provide technology to improve the way that we are collecting data and managing assets out in the field, so that we can mitigate the risks for damages and respond quickly.

Utilize the technology that is available. Companies are needing to make the investment in taking their manual paper processes and going digital. And it’s critically important, and it’s not just to go from paper to digital, but it’s the benefits that they’re going to get out of going digital and that’s being able to know who installed the assets, where they installed it, how they installed it, and what they actually installed.

Being able to then quickly respond when a damage has occurred and improving the safety of not only the workers but of the public. In the end it really is about being able to respond to emergencies in a timely matter and getting data out to the people that really need to have that information.”

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