Why Are Tolerance Zones Important?

ASK THE DP PRO |   Why Are Tolerance Zones Important?

Dan Lucarelli, Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc.



“Hi, I’m Dan Lucarelli from Pennsylvania One Call. I’d like to talk for a minute about why you need a tolerance zone. Let’s say that we have an electrical facility in the area and you’re going to plan some excavation. Most states have an 18” tolerance zone. Some states have a 24” tolerance zone. Some states may have some other tolerance zone.

Whenever you begin excavation, you should know what your tolerance zone is within your state before you start excavating. Please remember that the facility may be located anywhere within the tolerance zone, not just on top of the mark. This is important to remember because technology isn’t always accurate. Technology may change a little bit, and it may be off plus or minus to where the facility is actually located. So, before you start excavation, make sure that you use prudent digging techniques inside the tolerance zone until the facility is exposed and its location known.”

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