How Do You Achieve Effective Damage Prevention?

ASK THE DP PRO |  How Do You Achieve Effective Damage Prevention?

Jennifer Reams, Infrastructure compliance Concepts


“My name is Jennifer Reams. I bring 16 years of experience in damage prevention practices and theories.

How do I achieve effective damage prevention?

  1. Strong communication. Make sure that what you intend to communicate is in a manner that your audience understands. A great example of that is locating marks. You have almost your own communication, actually almost your own language between facility owners giving information to excavators.
  2. Shared responsibility. There are many different stakeholder groups that have information others need to successfully complete an excavation process. If the process is missing any information, it’s never going to flow smoothly.
  3. That really supports stakeholder responsibility and gives it strength. If somebody does have obligations under the process itself, and if they don’t fulfill those obligations, there’s going to be a failure in the process. If you have obligations you need to be held accountable to fulfill those obligations.”

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