ASK THE DP PRO | How Do You Grow Your Audience On Social Media?

Dan Lucarelli, Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc.



“My name is Dan Lucarelli and I’ve been with Pennsylvania One Call System for about 15 years. I’d like to talk today about social media rules if you’re trying to build an audience through social media.

7 Quick Tips to Help You Grow your Audience

  1. Pick 1 or 2 platforms to do well. It doesn’t make sense to be everywhere; it makes sense to be good in a few places.
  2. Tell people where you are. It doesn’t make sense to have a good social media presence if folks don’t know about it. You should be promoting your social media presence everywhere that you can.
  3. Have something relevant to say. It should support your mission. It should support your values. It should support what you’re trying to accomplish with your outreach.
  4. Pictures, pictures, pictures. Posts today that only have text aren’t going to be noticed as much as posts with pictures and video. So include pictures, and relevant pictures, as much as you can.
  5. Tag, tag, tag. Just like the school yard game, when you tag a location, tag other people, or tag folks in your post, it will have a broader audience and more likely to be seen by more people.
  6. Have fun with the unexpected. Social media is a more relaxed platform than other traditional communications platforms; so have some fun with it, but make sure that you’re still on message, still relevant, and make sure you’re still supporting your core values.
  7. Patience, young grasshopper. It takes time to build a social media presence. Don’t expect results tomorrow or even next week. It takes time and a strategy to build and grow your social media outreach.”


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