How Can You Create Positive Brand Awareness?

ASK THE DP PRO |  How Can You Create Positive Brand Awareness?

Jim MacLachlan, Bolin Marketing


“My name is Jim MacLachlan with Bolin Marketing out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I think a lot of people think about branding as a logo. That is really not what branding is. Think about branding more as a promise that you make. That really is what your brand is, and the power of a brand is how consistently you deliver on that promise.

If you think about a restaurant that you go to, you love the restaurant because you walk in, you know the servers, you’re going to get great service, great food, and all that. As long as they keep on delivering that, your brand experience is great. The minute they drop it, you drop them. So when you think about any branding efforts, think about:

  1. What is my promise?
  2. How consistently can I deliver on that?

All of the tools that are out there, whether it’s advertising, balloons, the internet or social marketing – are just tools to help communicate that message in a consistent manner.”

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