ASK THE DP PRO |   How Can Predictive Analytics Make Your Job Easier?

Tony Sileo, Opvantek, Inc.



“Hi, my name is Tony Sileo. I’m with Opvantek, Inc. and I’m also a member of the CGA Technology Committee. You can focus your limited resources on tickets or jobsites that have the highest risk, which gives you a great opportunity to prevent damages.

Predictive analytics is a lot like the movie Moneyball, if you’re familiar with that. Moneyball was about the Oakland Athletics, and they used statistics to have the best record in Major League Baseball, despite having one of the lowest salaries. They used a lot less money to win a lot of games, and we think you can do the same thing to prevent damages.

  1. Reduce your budget.
  2. Focus your resources.
  3. Prevent damages using statistics and data.

That’s what it’s all about.”


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