Global Excavation Safety Conference 2022: A Warm Reunion in Arizona

IT HAD BEEN TWO YEARS SINCE the damage prevention industry gathered for an Excavation Safety Conference (Global ESC). In that time, plenty had changed. New industry associations came to life, work from home standards transformed entire sectors, dig tickets hit all time highs, and virtual meetings came in and out of fashion a dozen times. What didn’t change in those two years were the connections people have with each other in this industry – Connections formed due to a shared passion for saving lives through damage prevention. Global Excavation Safety Conference 2022 met in Phoenix, AZ from March 1-3 and it served as a jubilant return to live events for many of the attendees and exhibitors.

Education Reigns Supreme

Beyond granting the opportunity to see friends in-person for the first time in years, Global ESC opened the floor to speakers who delivered an incredible array of education to attendees. From indepth explorations of the future of underground mapping with Michael Twohig to the perception shifting talks by Dr. Kathy Gruver, speakers truly had something for every stakeholder and knowledge level. With concurrent sessions throughout all three days of the conference, not a moment went by that you couldn’t duck into a room and learn something new and interesting.

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Workshops Dive Deeper

Workshops were hosted throughout the week of Global ESC for those who wanted to take a more hands-on approach to learning. Craig Reed of Radiodetection, Ron Peterson of Ron Peterson Consulting, Bob Nighswonger of Utility Training Academy, and Mark Bruce of Cross Bore Safety Association brought their expertise to workshop participants.

Summits Open the Conversation

Excavator Perspective Summit, Sponsored by Badger
What steps can be taken to improve communication?

Electric Safety Summit, Sponsored by KorTerra
What are the best practices for damage prevention after a disaster?

Fiber Optic Asset Protection Summit, Sponsored by NTDPC
Should we be looking up as well as looking down?

Facility Notification Center Summit
What is the role of a Notification Center in impacting legislation and education? Does it improve damage prevention?

Pipeline Safety & Awareness Summit
How can field data be used to drive actions across the company?

Global Locate Summit
What is the best approach for attracting and keeping good locators?

Water & Sewer Infrastructure Protection Summit
What does responsible potholing look like?

Industry Summits proved to be the jazz ensemble of Global ESC’s concert line-up! The summit panel members had fascinating, free flowing conversations with each other and audience members. These exchanges had everyone wishing each 45-minute summit could last just a bit longer. Interested in learning more about what was discussed at each of the summits? Summaries of each summit will be available shortly at

George Kemp Named Damage Prevention Hero of the Year

The annual Wednesday Night Networking Event brought attendees and exhibitors alike to The Duce, where everyone had the pleasure of witnessing the first Damage Prevention Hero of the YEAR Award presented to Metronet’s George Kemp! George was selected democratically by his peers during a three-month voting period. And it’s no wonder — His passion for saving lives is evident to anyone who hears him speak.

George Kemp: “Thank you Infrastructure Resources! It is a great honor and very humbling to receive this great recognition. Metronet’s commitment to safety and the commitment to safety of those who serve with me on boards like Indiana 811 help drive my passion for safety. Thank you to everyone who voted for me!

We can always do something more towards safety! A commitment to safety is a commitment to saving lives!”

Congratulations as well to all of the Damage Prevention Hero of the Year nominees: Kelley Heinz of ComEd, Richard Broome of LinesearchbeforeUdig, Bruce Campbell of MISS DIG 811, and Dora Parks of One Call Concepts. You all clearly inspire your peers immensely, and your leadership in the industry is indispensable. Read more about all the nominees at dp-pro. com/dp-pro-hero-of-the-year-voting.

Thank you to Arizona 811

We thank our hosts at Arizona 811 for their gracious welcome back to the Grand Canyon State! It is fitting to us that our first live Conference back after the pandemic was with our friends in Arizona, as they were our hosts back at our very first Conference in 2006. Their continued support and endorsement of the Global Excavation Safety Conference is appreciated by all of us.

Global ESC is Your Conference. Help Build an Even Better 2023

For 17 years, IR’s Excavation Safety Conferences have been the damage prevention industry’s premier event. It’s been a hub of groundbreaking education, the stage for new technology announcements, and a gathering place for the relationships we value all year round. It’s become those things because of feedback from attendees and exhibitors who have truly molded the event over the years.

Global ESC 2022 came after a two-year lull in live events and the mere fact that we were all together again was elating. Fresh off of the event, we think it’s the perfect time to place our fingers on the pulse of the industry to see if we can take 2023 to another level. We started that process with the venue. As per request, Global ESC 2023 is headed back to Tampa, FL! That’s where you come in.

Visit or use the QR code to contribute to the building of Global ESC 2023. Thank you for being a part of this great community!

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