Gas line safety reminder digs in for spring projects

Gas line safety reminder digs in for spring projects

Amy Lavalley | Chicago Tribune

An unmarked gas line, an excavator operator raring to go, and a spotter for the excavator who wasn’t paying attention led to a mock-disaster when the excavator hit the gas line, sending the spotter to the ground with a knee injury and the excavator operator running to call 911.

“You can see several things there led to the line strike,” said Patrick Carney, a coordinator with Enertech, which staged the gas line drill March 21 at the Porter County Expo Center to outline the dangers of unsafe digging.

This is the second year the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission is sponsoring the exercise at several locations across the state, called Safety Days and meant to draw attention to the Indiana Dig Law, which requires calling 811 in the days before a dig to locate and confirm utility lines…(Read the full story)

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