Gas Leaks Are Happening All Over. Is Belmont Safe?

Gas Leaks Are Happening All Over. Is Belmont Safe?

Lexy Peery | Belmont Citizen-Herald

Concerns about gas leaks in Massachusetts are front and center, following the catastrophic gas explosions in the Merrimack Valley in September. And Belmont is not immune.

This year, Belmont Fire Department has received 31 calls related to natural gas odor indoors between Jan. 1 and Oct. 29. This tops the past two years in number of calls — with 22 calls in 2017 and 24 calls in 2016. Typically, residents are instructed to call the gas company immediately when they detect a problem.

Some of the calls this year were minor, necessitating only turning off a burner on a stove, but some incidents required National Grid, Belmont’s gas provider, to come out and respond immediately…(Read the full story)

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