From the Publisher – The Conference was Phenomenal!

The Global Excavation Safety Conference was a big success as evidenced by the headline quote above from Calressia Clark, PE, MBA, Director of Field Operations & Logistics at Mobile Area Water and Sewer System (First-time attendee, United States). It was so awesome to be back faceto- face with everyone in the industry and to see so many new people. For the industry to keep the ball moving forward with our combined damage prevention effort we need new people to be educated and to join the national discussion. For that reason, we were ecstatic to see nearly 50% of our conference attendees in Phoenix were first-time attendees.

The Notification Centers (formerly called One Call centers) were well represented by both their internal teams and Board Members. In fact, the new Facility Notification Center Association (FNCA) held their winter meetings in conjunction with our event, and they will be joining us in Tampa for Global ESC 2023 as well. As of February, the FNCA had 29 members representing 30 centers including Utility Safety Partners, in Alberta. As usual, gas & oil stakeholders were also well represented.

Seeing industry staples was fantastic, but what was especially exciting was seeing stakeholders from companies that have not normally been active on the national level. This is a great sign for the damage prevention movement. A sampling of their quotes below really tell the story of where we’re headed better than I ever could.

“The conference was phenomenal… I would definitely return to the conference. I would also encourage more of our employees to consider attending the conference. I benefited from the information. I think our safety coordinator as well as line locating folks could find the conference beneficial.” – Calressia Clark, PE, MBA, Director of Field Operations & Logistics at Mobile Area Water and Sewer System (First-time attendee, United States)

“It was a great conference, filled with learning opportunities and engagement with other industry stakeholders who are passionate about damage prevention. The night at the Deuce was definitely one of the best networking events I’ve been to!” – Kesley Tweed, Executive Director at PAPA (7-year attendee, United States) “It was a pleasure and extremely valuable being able to attend the conference this year in Phoenix. As an excavator for the City of Tacoma, it is the mission of myself and team to set the standards for all others that excavate, locate and protect the infrastructure located above and below ground owned by the City and other utility providers. This starts through education and that is something that is overwhelmingly available at the Global Excavation Safety Conference, whether it is being led through a history of how 811 has grown across the country, first-hand accounts of how not following safety protocols forever changed someone’s life through injury or learning of the advancements of locating and excavating technologies.” – Jay Hemley, Collection Systems Technician, City of Tacoma (First-time attendee, United States)

“It was awesome!! The Global Excavation Safety Conference was very productive. I was able to get my hands on the latest hardware, try out the latest software, and learn about cutting-edge products that I didn’t even know existed. On top of all of that, I strengthened relationships with numerous peers, many of whom I had never met in person. I walked away with ideas for future revenue streams, plans for which hardware purchases to make next, and a feeling that I had my finger on the pulse of my industry.” – Forrest Sim, Owner / Founder, Enhanced Scanning / GPR Consortium (2-year attendee, United States)

“This is a great event. It’s where I learn about equipment, new technology, everything industry related. I take what I learn back to my guys in the field.” – Edd Anaya, Senior Locator, City of Surprise (5- year attendee, United States)

“Great event! We are happy! Even though our session was at the last time on Thursday, it was well attended.” – Jeremy Suard, CEO, Exodigo (First-time attendee and exhibitor, Israel)

“I was very impressed with the total Conference and Exhibits. Both the technical sessions and the workshops (Cross-bore and EM Locator) were especially informative and will be helpful and utilized to enhance safety as we perform our utility (water and sewer) maintenance / work in Savannah, GA.” – James Laplander, Conveyance & Distribution – Director, City of Savannah (First-time attendee, United States)

“Another great conference …” – Courtney Jordt, Damage Prevention Specialist, Senior, PG&E (6-year attendee, United States)

“What a fantastic event!” – Jim Schauer, VP, EAM Services, Energy WorldNet (2-year attendee, United States)

This kind of industry passion is what keeps us all fired up at IR to pursue our mission of “Saving Lives through Education”. It is also great to see that our exhibitor partners also thought the event was a success. “We got at least 50 solid new leads.” – Angela Obert, National Utility Business Development Manager, Perma Patch (First-time attendee and exhibitor, United States)

“Fantastic Show!” – Kathy Marston, Damage Prevention and Product Application Specialist, Rhino Marking & Protection Systems (5-year exhibitor, United States)

“The 2022 Global ESC provided strong results from numerous educational offerings and attendance by leading damage prevention decision makers. Exceeded expectations – very pleased to have attended.” – Mark Bruce, EVP, Hydromax USA (6-year attendee and previous exhibitor, United States)

“Fantastic conference! It was great to see you and the team. Thank you so much for delivering such a positive week of interaction, fun and learning.” – Jose Espino, VP Operations, Colorado 811 (8-year attendee, United States)

Registration is officially open for Global ESC 2023 in Tampa We hope to see you there! Register now at

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