From the Publisher – Saving Lives through Education

In the pages of this issue, you’ll find several articles written by organizations dedicated to providing education and training to their particular stakeholder group. As the publisher of dp-PRO, I salute these organizations and their efforts to ensure safe digging. As sure as safe digging is a shared responsibility, so too is educating our clients, users, members, and colleagues to build a community of safe digging experts.

Many of our readers are aware that I recently sold Infrastructure Resources’ sister company, Rhino Marking and Protection Systems. While Rhino truly supports my vision of Saving Lives, selling the company has given me the freedom to refocus my energies on my personal passion of saving lives through education. Infrastructure Resources (IR) is that focus. Our goal here at IR is helping you save lives, and everything we do is dedicated to that premise.

Whether it is in the pages of this magazine, for which our editors tirelessly scour industry news feeds, attend meetings and events, and confer with industry experts to provide up-to-date and compelling articles, or through our live events, where we gather industry experts and professional speakers together to share knowledge and expertise, or our Excavation Safety Alliance online community which makes digital education readily available to all users, Infrastructure Resources has one simple primary directive – Saving Lives through Education®.

The term is deceptively simple. In today’s world, people want to learn in the style that suits them (visual, audial, hands-on) and in the format they prefer (live, digital, or written). Learners represent everyone from Boomers to Gen Z, with all the differences inherent to those designations. We’ve also found in recent years that today’s learner isn’t satisfied with just knowing what they need to do to function in their role. They want to know more about the functions of the roles that intersect with theirs and the new tools and technologies that are on the horizon that will impact them down the road.

As the producers of the world’s premier excavation safety conference for almost two decades, welcoming thousands of delegates from around the world, we have learned that people love face-to-face learning and networking. We also know this type of learning has benefits that can’t be found through other resources, so our event remains of primary importance.

We also realize that due to budget limitations, company policies, and (these days) travel concerns, there are thousands of stakeholders who do not have the opportunity to attend the Global Excavation Safety Conference. For that reason, new ways of making education accessible to all remains a priority.

We here at IR take our commitment to meeting these needs seriously and continue to explore new and exciting opportunities that open educational doors to all stakeholders in the damage prevention community, and provide a platform for them to share their message and add their voice to the conversation.

I invite you to open a conversation with us on how we can help you reach your audience. From publishing initiative-based articles designed to share new solutions to working together to present training courses through Damage Prevention Week, IR looks forward to the opportunity to help you create solutions that are geared towards Saving Lives through Education®.

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