Flingin’ Flags & Sprayin’ Paint at the 2022 International Utility Locate Rodeo

COMPETITION DAY at the International Utility Locate Rodeo (IULR) featured sunny skies and mild temperatures in Springfield, Missouri, as 75 volunteers from multiple states and industries welcomed 92 competitors from 22 states. Held on December 7 & 8, 2022, this was the second International Utility Locate Rodeo organized and operated by the volunteers of the Missouri Common Ground Alliance (MO CGA).

The MO CGA believes that utility locators are a critical first step to safe excavation, and we are honored to host the event that recognizes utility locating professionals from all over. The purpose of the International Utility Locate Rodeo is to provide an opportunity for locating professionals to show off and have pride in their skills in a fun, rewarding, and competitive environment, with industry recognition and cash and prizes along the way!

A special thank you goes to our sponsors (below), who went above and beyond to make sure the 2022 IULR was a success. Without the support of these companies, the International Utility Locate Rodeo simply would not happen. Please consider supporting our locators and the 2023 IULR!

• Springfield, MO City Utilities (www.cityutilities.net)
• Missouri811 (www.mo1call.com)
• Subsurface Solutions (www.subsurfacesolutions.com)
• Radiodetection (www.radiodetection.com)
• Vivax / Metrotech (www.vivax-metrotech.com)
• Liberty Utilities (www.libertyutilities.com)
• UtiliSource (www.utilisource.com)
• USIC (www.usicllc.com)
• Marsh & McLennan Agency (www.marshmclennan.com)

Mark your calendars for the 2023 IULR, December 6 and 7 in Springfield, MO. The crew is planning an incredible event including free training, memorable evening events, special competitions, and lots of fun! Keep an eye on www. locaterodeo.net for updates.

The 2023 IULR will be held in conjunction with the 2023 Damage Prevention and Excavation Safety Summit. See more about the Summit at www.mocommonground. org. Questions and inquiries about the Summit or the IULR can be emailed to mocommonground@gmail.com or contact MO CGA President Mark Woodward at mwoodwar@mem-ins.com or 573-289-5990.