Five Reported Gas Leaks in One Day

Five Reported Gas Leaks in One Day

Peggy Sands | The Georgetowner

On Sept. 13, multiple gas explosions in dozens of homes in a Boston suburb killed one person, destroyed a whole neighborhood and caused some 8,000 residents to evacuate. They returned a few days later feeling unsafe, despite assurances from the gas company.

Three days later, a serious gas leak was reported on the corner of 28th and Dumbarton Streets in Georgetown. Washington Gas responded immediately, but the repairs, road closures and warnings about gas usage continued for days. Then, the week of Sept. 20, reports of gas leaks began to multiply.

“In what may be a record, on October 2 there were at least five new gas leaks within a block or so of each other in Georgetown. Three of the leaks were around the corner from one another. There have now been at least 35 gas-related leaks or repairs within several blocks of my house since April 2016,” wrote Ed Segal, a longtime resident of Georgetown who has been concerned about (some might say obsessed with) gas leaks in the neighborhood…(Read the full story)

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