Finding the RIGHT Virtual Event for YOU!

In today’s world, more and more event providers are turning to virtual events for a very simple reason – they have no choice. These events exist for myriad reasons – it may be education, it may be connecting with colleagues, it may be reaching vendors, maybe all three or maybe other reasons.

Every virtual event offers two big value propositions – You can attend from anywhere there is internet access, and you save money on travel and lodging, potentially allowing more members of your team to participate.

Not all events, however, are created equal. With the dozens of event invitations showing up in your inbox, how do you decide which one is right for you? Here’s a few tips:


Are the sessions offered specific to the knowledge you need? Will they translate to knowledge that will help you do your job better or effect change at work? Do they provide opportunities to expand your knowledge base? Are the offerings broad enough to provide exposure to a multitude of topics? Is live Q&A available on the sessions? Is there extended access time to view recorded sessions post-event?


Just because you aren’t face-to-face doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect the same level of access to the vendors you need to reach. Do the exhibitors offer the products or services you need? Can you chat with them in real time? Is there dedicated time to visit exhibitor booths? Do the exhibitor booths include downloads, product sheets or access to videos? Is it easy to see who the exhibitors are and to navigate the expo hall?


Are there scheduled networking opportunities? Are there a variety of networking topics covering the fun to the fundamental? Are you able to select the networking opportunities you want to participate in? Can you chat with other delegates during presentations to share insights and observations?

Investing a little time in exploring the deliverables of the virtual events you are interested in helps to ensure you will attend events that are exactly right for you.

World-Class Education on Your Desktop: Global Excavation Safety Conference Virtual

The Excavation Safety Conference has been providing critical education to the damage prevention industry since 2004. In 2021, an entire program is now available virtually for stakeholders who are not able to travel. The virtual event is not simply a repeat of the live event but, rather, offers its own diverse selection of education, access to the important product and service providers you need to connect with and unique networking opportunities. We deliver all the important elements YOU need in a virtual event.

Visit for more information.

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